10 ways how to be the best CLIENT ever!

Reposted from Lo Wheeler Davis on IG ///

1.Trust your stylist ///  It’s our job to keep you looking your best, if you doubt us – we begin to doubt ourselves – and the work suffers!

2. Be on time – if you are late – the work we are able to execute is restricted.

3. Refer your friends – You will become invaluable, if we are connected to your network of friends and family.

4. Leave a good review – this shows you appreciate our hard work! We will Thank you with an extra long scalp massage or conditioning treatment!

5.Tip well – this shows us that you value our worth! In like- we will always go above and beyond to get you the result for the fairest dollar amount.

6. Invest in stylist recommended products – the more you invest in your hair, the more your hair stylist invests in you. Letting all our hard work go to smithereens by using cheap products in between salon visits- discourages us from going the extra mile.

7. Don’t play hairdresser- (trying) to speak hairdresser terms just causes confusion. Show us pictures of examples of what you do and don’t want. We will take it from there.

8. Leave the kids at home! Having children at the salon creates a stressful environment for everyone at the salon. Please arrange a sitter. kids hate being cooped up for 2-3 hours. Save us All the grief.

9. Clear your schedule. Rushing your stylist causes unnecessary stress and errors.

10. Tag your stylists and Salon on IG. We want to see your good hair days! Please share!

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