We are on Week 5 now with the Hair Challenges, it’s never too late to begin. Go back and try them all out or just do the ones you love.

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Get out of your day to day hair routine. If you are in a slump this is just the thing you need to break free!


HAIR CHALLENGE /// Fun With Knots


Every week I will post a new style and I want you to join in the fun! Make sure you post your photo on Instagram and use the Hashtag #BuenoBuenoHairFun #DoOrDyeTxChallenge

This week’s challenge is /// Fun with Knots! Grab any two sections of hair and start knotting, then secure with a bobby pin or an elastic band. This took less than a minute. Perfect for every day. Life is too short not to have fun with your hair.

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MONDAY INSPIRATION: Knotted and Braided Updo


Here is an updo I did recently which incorporates both knots and braids – my client has thick, long, curly hair, so I wanted to make sure the updo wasn’t too large. Knots help to minimize bulk when you’re putting long/thick hair up. This is a great style if you want all of your hair up and out of your face, but want to keep is laid back and whimsical.

xoxo, Lindsey